Author: RaiVon

Now that unlocking the iPhone isn't as impossible as we thought. If you don't want to buy a Turbo Sim. The #iphone.unlock team may have the answer for you (or maybe not) if you want to solder the INSIDES (count me out) of your iPhone and putting some components in to later take them out after you do the actuall unlock process (doesn't sound too bad now)

Video Above
The #iphone.unlock team hasn't gave out the step by step proccess, they are planning to wait a week before they do so. Now to the even better news they have also suggested that they have a
software based hack so you dont have to mess around with the iPhones great insides(yeah)


Name Change

Author: RaiVon

Method2 also know as me will now be known as Raivon (my real name)
Just so no one gets confused.



Back for Good!

Author: Method2

Well, I have decided to keep this blog (everyone claps) lol. Anyway I think it'd be better for me to branch out after I succefully get this blog up and going. I will get a actual hosting site for this great site and you will see more features soon. If you would like to be apart of this site just send me a comment.



1st the bad news:
I will be closing this blog down

Good News: I will be creating a brand new site (one big network)
that ill have everything from music to tech related stuff i.e. iphone.
I will post back here when its ready post any suggestions in the comments or email me at laballa3@gmail.com



I'll Be Back

Author: Method2

I will not be posting for a couple of days (2 -7 days) to go out of town so bare with me I will be back!


Well, hi everyone here at iPhone Tab we want what the readers want (that's you ha ha) and we want this site to be the best it can be! So if you have any suggestions at all please feel free and put your comments on this post. All criticism is accepted.

We are also going to try some polls out, a new one every 2 weeks so dint forget to vote!

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iPhone Stress Test: Results

Author: Method2

It may look somewhat fragile (if you can say that), but the tough little iphone can stand its ground. With stress test from PC World from dropping it on concrete 6ft high to shacking it in a bag full of keys. It came away with just a few scrapes/scuffs + no damage to the display. Wow what a sturdy piece of machinery.
Check Out the video HERE
and the stress test READ


Oh yea I'm going to go out to ebay and buy an iphone for over double the retail price!! Wow don't fall for things like this Over double for an iPhone???? Just wait it out until your local Apple/AT&T has it in stock, But if need be go right ahead.